[Ethiopia have more than 80 ethnicities, I am from kemant ethnic group, Kemant is one of the indigenous/ancient people who settled in North West plateau and Central Gondar of Ethiopia. estimated population from 2 to 5 millions. kemants are known associated with development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Ethiopia. Ethiopian common and famous food named “injera” is first time originated by the family of kemant Agew farmers. The term kemant also refers to any of several concurrent group that are culturally similar and linked by Cushitic language bases. Kemants are one of the Agew families and it is highly marginalized, oppressed and segregated as minority since after the fall of Zagwe Dynasty (was once a powerful rule of the Agew people).

Kemants are one of the founders of Abyssinia (meaning in kemanta language father land) the oldest name of Ethiopia, and closely associated with Beth Israel (aka- flasha (in Amharic) Jews Ethiopian. As we know in the bible the day of Noah, kemants are decedents of Noah from the land of Canaan (Genesis 10:6).  Believe in God (Mezgagna in Kementa language) also Kemants believe in the existence of saints and angels including their saving and protecting power. Since Adam and Eve come to earth, kemant believe and follow in Abrahamic religion, still present animals as sacrifice in the prayer places, Now the majority of Kemant people are Christianized to orthodox Christian.]

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