Facts about Ethiopia

  1. Ethiopia is one of the oldest nation in the world. The name “Ethiopia” come from the Greek word aitho and ops, which together mean “burnt face”. This was how ancient Greeks referred to the dark-skinned people of Eastern Africa.founded in980 B.C.
  2. Ethiopia Have one of the lowest life expectancies in the world estimate that women can expect to live about 50 years and men 48 years.
  3. The Ethiopian Calendar have 13 months. The 13th month has 5 days or six in a leap year. 7 or 8 years behind the western calendar.
  4. The only physical feature of Africa that visible from space, The great rift valley cuts through Ethiopia from north east to south of the country.
  5. The First black African to win the gold medal in1960 Olympic marathon with barefooted and setting a world record. “Abebe Bekila”
  6. The only Country in Africa that was never colonized; however, Ethiopia defeat the Italians twice to remain.
  7. Ethiopia is the birthplace of pan -African (a united Africa), hailed by emperor Haile Slassie I it leads to the African Union.
  8. Blue Nile: Ethiopia is the home to the source of Blue Nile. Which together with the White Nile makes up the NileRiver, the longest river in the world.
  9. Traditionally Ethiopian parents and children do not share a last name. children take their fathers first name as their last name.
  10. Addis Ababa that means Fresh Flower is the Capital city of Ethiopia and Africa. The head quarter office of African Union. the 4th highest capital city in the world.
  11. Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with its own indigenous written alphabet and numbers.
  12. Ethiopia is the 5th largest producer of coffee in the Globe, and Top of Africa. There is a ritualized and ceremonies way to make and drink coffee in Ethiopia.
  13. Ethiopia is the first country to accept Islam as a religion, it sheltered the Prophet Muhammad, his families and followers when they were being persecuted and killed by pagan Arabians. Now 35% of Ethiopians are Muslim.
  14. The Roof of Africa: more than 70% of Africas mountains are founded in Ethiopia.
  15. Black Jews home of Israel: Ethiopia is home of the black Jews known as Falashas or Beta Israel. Various legends claim they are a lost tribe of Israel or descendants of king Solomon.
  16. Lucy: a human fossil believed to have existed over 3 million years ago, was founded in the great Rift Valley in Ethiopia in 1974. She was named after the Beatles’ song Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, which was playing on the radio at the time she was found. Lucy the earliest known ancestors using tools of modern humans.
  17. Ethiopia is the first African nation to join the united nation (league of Nation).
  18. Ethiopia first country in Africa second in the World to own and operate a boing 787 Dreamliner. The aircraft named “Africa One” and assigned the tail number ET-AOQ.
  19. Ethiopia is the originator of Teji that means “Honey win.” The world knows as mead.
  20. Ethiopian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest of Christianity, it came to Ethiopia from Egypt, where Egyptians belong to the Coptic church around A.D 330, Frumentius, the Apostle of Ethiopia converted the Axumite King Ezana. Who made Christianity the empire’s official religion? The man behind the first church in Ethiopia is king Ezana built in the 4th Still be seen next door to St. Mary of Zion church in Aksum. Ethiopia is mentioned 40 time in the Bible. Now 40% of Ethiopian practice Christianity.
  21. When Ethiopian greats each other they shake hands and gently knock their shoulders together, kiss each other their chicks.
  22. Stick fighting is one of the most popular sport among the Surma people of south west Ethiopia. Not only test men’s strength, coordination and competitive zeal, but it also serves as a forum through which winners can meet potential wives. The stick-fighting season lasts three months and pits men from different villages each other.
  23. Buhe is the Ethiopian version of Halloween occurred on Augustus 19 each year. On that house group of boys and girls go house to house singing Buhe songs until they are given handful of bread, or money when they are performing.
  24. Meskel celebrats the arrive of the true cross in Ethiopia very year September 27 G.C. Or meskerem 17 in Ethiopian calendar. The true cross on which Justus Christ was crucified, was founded by st. Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity in the 4th a relic of that cross was later given to Ethiopia’s king for protecting Coptic Christians in their country.
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